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Cloud Accounting

If you want your business to work smarter and faster, cloud accounting software is a wise investment. Working in the cloud will give you a better overview of your finances, and improve collaboration with your team.

The cloud is a platform to make data and software accessible online anytime, anywhere, from any device. You are no longer restricted to using a single workstation. With traditional accounting software, you need to make sure you update regularly in order for various features to remain available. It only works on one PC and with single user access on it. Upgrades are costly and Backups can be complicated.

You only need one thing before starting to use Cloud Accounting software in your business – an internet connection. We can provide training if needed and are always available to support you whenever needed.

Cloud Accounting products we currently use:

•    Xero

•    Kashflow

•    Quickbooks Online

•    FreeAgent

•    Sage One

All packages work differently but Xero is our preferred option due to the overall customer experience. 

If you are currently using Cloud Accounting software, or are thinking of using it and want to know more, please get in touch – we can help!

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